Not Lost

As part of my University studies, I embarked on a project to build a 3D game environment using Unity. While it was challenging, especially as it was like no project I had ever undertook with software new to me, it was extremely satisfying to see a finished product that allows free exploration within a 3D space.

While there is some basic interactivity, the emphasis was on creating an environment. The game setting is an abandoned island—I wouldn’t deny some Lost based inspiration here—where you must find the beacon and the necessary objects in order to leave the island.

I love to pick up new software and platforms and dive right in with an intensive project like this one. I managed to create this game within a few weeks, but given the chance to enhance the game to incorporate other interesting game elements, and to fix some small issues with the environment, I would certainly do so.

I was extremely pleased to achieve a distinction for this project on my course.