NextGEN Gallery Capabilities – A Complete List

As part of the latest project I’ve been involved in I needed to take full control of WordPress users access via the WordPress Roles/Capabilities API. I needed to take full control of which NextGEN gallery backend tasks our client can carry out. This is was in an effort to make the backend easer for less experienced users but also to clean things up a little.

I couldn’t find a complete list of capabilites used in the plugin’s code so I’ve compiled it. This list is complete as of version 1.9.7. Here goes:

  • NextGEN Add new gallery
  • NextGEN Add/Delete album
  • NextGEN Change options
  • NextGEN Change style
  • NextGEN Edit album
  • NextGEN Edit album settings
  • NextGEN Edit gallery author
  • NextGEN Edit gallery description
  • NextGEN Edit gallery options
  • NextGEN Edit gallery page id
  • NextGEN Edit gallery path
  • NextGEN Edit gallery preview pic
  • NextGEN Edit gallery title
  • NextGEN Gallery overview
  • NextGEN Import image folder
  • NextGEN Manage gallery
  • NextGEN Manage others gallery
  • NextGEN Manage tags
  • NextGEN Upload a zip
  • NextGEN Upload images
  • NextGEN Upload in all galleries
  • NextGEN Use TinyMCE

Unlike core WordPress code, the plugin uses role values that are in plain English. This list has the exact values used via current_user_can throughout.